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Portable Handheld Self Deep Tissue Neck Shoulder Massager

Portable Handheld Self Deep Tissue Neck Shoulder Massager

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Product Description
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 Manual Neck Massager Ball Cervical U-Shaped Handle Pressure Point
deep penetrating the muscles for instant pain relief
OPP bag then into carton
Provide deep tissue neck and back relax massage when you squeeze the Ergonomic can release your tight, stiff, and aching muscles on your neck, shoulder, or leg,and promote the Boosts Circulation & Blood Flow
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Relieve musule pain and blood flow : It effectively gets out tight spots, massages deep tissue, increases blood flow and
circulation. Adjustable pressure knobs to relieve pain through applying direct pressure and massaging your trigger points on your
neck and shoulders.
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Give yourself a vigorous and deep neck and shoulder massage at home, in your office, or while being on the road. Powerful
massaging; provides instant relief for tight aching muscles and stiff necks. Massage, squeeze and knead away all tensions and pain!
Environmentally friendly material production, streamlined design, firm without breaking
The anti-slip design of the handle ripple makes it easier to grasp
Flexible massage ball, three colors are available
Product Usage

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Designed to feel exactly like a massage therapist’s hands. Featuring four soft yet firm silicon adjustable pressure knobs; simply
turn the knobs to select your precise four-point massage therapy positions. Relieve pain through applying direct pressure and
massaging your trigger points at your neck and shoulders. Experience a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment!
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Treat yourself to a deep trigger point therapy massage with the perfect intensity and get complete customized results. By
utilizing the convenient and ergonomic handles, you can fully control every aspect of your message treatment, thus achieving
unparalleled results. Control the pace, direction and intensity.
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